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Phillip has been performing excavating and tree service work for central Virginia property owners for several years and is proud of his impeccable service record.
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Light grading and excavating services to prepare land for development and construction
Brush clearing and control including the removal of brush, bushes, and shrubs
Environmentally friendly land clearing that cuts, grinds, and clears vegetation 
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Excavating, Bush Hogging, & Forestry Mulching Services

Light Excavating Services

Have you ever tried to start a new construction or property development project, and found out the while the top of a lot is completely clear, there's plenty of roots, debris, and organic material that's stopping you or your contractors from working efficiently or staying close to designs? 
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This is actually far more common than you might think. Many tree services cut down sections of forest to prepare the land for development, but all the work is done at the surface. They cut and remove trees and pull out stumps, but they don't go so far as to also remove every part of the root network and other debris that may be left underground.
Most root networks extend two to three times wider than the canopy of a tree. That means that it's not enough, in many cases, to just remove the parts of a tree that you can see. Whether you're planning on pouring foundations, making sure a path is clear for utility lines or piping, or constructing a swimming pool in your backyard, you don't want any surprises or unnecessary digging once the job has begun. If you simply react to these issues, it will be much costlier and more time-consuming than simply hiring a grading and excavating contractor who gets the job done right the first time.

The solution is to hire a central Virginia excavating company with the experience, knowledge, and equipment to handle "grading and excavating near me". Steadfast Tree Care can prepare lots by thoroughly removing trees and stumps, and with our reliable excavating services, we can also make sure that there are no surprises when you dig beneath the surface.
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Excavating services are also helpful when you're looking to efficiently change the landscape in a give in area. Excavating equipment can be used to delicately dig up small to medium sized trees. It can also be used to dig sizable holes that can be used to move existing trees or plant new ones anywhere on a property. This can be useful for homeowners who want to have complete control over their property or developers who want to move trees around for maximum curb appeal and utility.
If you're looking for an estimate on excavation services for your next job, give the experts at Steadfast Tree Care a call. We'll sit down with you, talk about the specifics of the job, and assess your needs. This affects the type of excavation equipment that will get the job done efficiently and effectively, which is how we get a transparent, free quote for your job. Call today to get started!
Bush Hogging and Brush Removal
If you're planning to have a large area of land cleared for an upcoming project, have you thought about what it might take? Many people look at a plot of land, see that the vegetation is limited to wiry brush and small trees, and think that means it doesn't matter what tree care and land clearing service you call to handle the job. But this isn't the case. Here's why: 

Underbrush clearing including bushes, shrubs, and smaller brush is actually some of the most difficult to clear from a property, especially without the proper equipment. It may actually be easier to have larger trees removed from a plot, because the job of cutting down trees, removing them, extracting the stump and the largest roots will be much more straightforward than the removal of thousands of mature ground coverings, shrubs, and brush.

This is the importance of having access to a central Virginia tree and brush removal service that also has significant experience and expertise when it comes to lot clearing. Different types of vegetation takes different approaches and equipment. When you choose Steadfast Tree Care for your next job, we can give you a guarantee that we have what it takes to not just handle the big obstructions on a property — we also have the tools to remove the vegetation that may look minor, but can actually be anything but.
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Bush hogging is the solution to these unexpectedly tough jobs. You can think of bush hogging equipment as a lawn mower or mulcher for a certain type of organic material — wiry bushes and shrubs with thick roots that otherwise may present a significant challenge when it comes to removal. Bush hogging and brush removal is just one of the things we specialize in when it comes to land clearing, because we understand that in order for an area of land to be usable, it needs to be completely clear — a partial job just won't cut it.

At Steadfast Tree Care, we do everything we can to make sure complex jobs are made easier with the help of our licensed and certified central VA brush clearing services. Your next project starts with a free quote — call us today to get started.
Forestry Mulching and Land Clearing
Are you preparing to re-purpose an area of your property for new development, an outdoor project, or for commercial use? So many property owners settle for the bare minimum when it comes to lot clearing. When you need to have a whole area of land cleared completely, you need a company with the power and the tools to get the job done. At Steadfast Tree Care, our expertise and equipment when it comes to forestry mulching is second-to-none. 

If you're a residential property owner, a commercial property owner, or a developer, you can't always afford to wait around while a company clears a large area of forest tree-by-tree, stopping to clean up and dragging out the job much longer than it has to take. For our forestry mulching services, we use specialized mulching tractors with the ability to clear many acres per day. 
The benefits are easy to see, and the potential is practically limitless. You have a massive new area of perfectly clear land to work with. And, because mulchers break up wood and debris as they operate, there's minimal time-consuming cleanup involved. This also means that they don't extract nourishment from the soil when they remove trees and organic matter in a highly controlled area. 

Forestry mulching is typically associated with land clearing, but it can also be used to carve roads, trails, tracks for utility lines and pipelines. It prevents erosion by maintaining soil stability. It can even be used to prevent the spread of invasive species! 
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Mulchers can be attached to a range of industrial vehicles, meaning that we can handle any sized job without disturbing the land and vegetation around the area in question. Our forestry mulching services are efficient, effective and versatile, and our operators are highly trained, certified and insured to do the heavy lifting on your next lot clearing project. Next time you search for "land clearing near me", contact Steadfast Tree Care for a free estimate.
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